Super Smart Magic Corner Cabinet

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Our Magic Corner cabinet is super-smart. It has two complete storage units attached in a single corner cabinet. One is secured to the inside of the door and, on opening, automatically pulls the other one forward in a seamless motion, meaning all of the available space is used. If you have ever seen a magic corner, you’ll know why they are called “magic corners”. Magic corners are interior hardware that allows metal-rail shelves to swing entirely out into the open. Some manufacturers also call them pull-out trays. They are available in two-tiered and three-tiered models and are available for right or left-handed openings. If you plan on storing heavy pots and pans in your corner cabinets, this is your best bet. But you’ll want to leave the installation up to a professional; installation of magic corners can be “tricky” when it comes to hiring a professional for installation; who else can be better than REJS Ltd – no one.

Magic corners make great use of the available space in the kitchen. These square units are ideally suited to square cabinets and offer easy access to the items you have stored in the department. You will see with these units how smooth and quick their operation is as well. For more information about magic corner cabinets, you can reach out to us. REJS promises to provide you with brilliant customer service.

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