Accountability works!
sustaining outcomes in changing times

The theme for our 8th annual conference will be future accountability and transparency in public services. We will cover the important issues of the day: regaining public trust, tackling inequalities and addressing how to sustain outcomes from accountability in hard financial times. We will also debate how accountability can create opportunities for the public to shape the delivery of local services, for example, through the Total Place initiative.

CfPS 2010 is ideally timed to provide the perfect platform for the Government of the day to share their vision for accountability and transparency in public services with our delegates. Interactive sessions will examine how public accountability and transparency can bring added value to the delivery of local services at a time when public expectations of services are high, but trust in organisations and institutions is at an all time low and budgets are likely to be cut.

On Day 2, our officer development programme will explore issues around community engagement, as well as discuss the role of scrutiny in challenging organisational culture and the potential risks that scrutiny might be under from budget cuts. Our member development day will offer councillors and other non-executive members an opportunity to network and discuss current issues. Themes will include questioning and chairing skills, skills needed to evaluate evidence and the role of politics in the scrutiny process.


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